Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Cultural and Social contexts:
In this photo the soldier and his notepad are pulled into focus while the people in the background are not. There is an obviouse cultural contrast between the soldier and the people. Love this photo.

I chose this photo for psychological becuase instantly it made me sad. The child is pulled into focus leaving the dumpster behind him kind of fuzzy. The dumpster and powerlines give this photo context. Not to mention the child is not wearing any shoes. It just makes me think he is homeless.

Position and Orientation:

I chose this picture for position and orientation because of the space that is used. I think it is unusual to have so much open space in the middle of a photo and two little heads in the corner. But it works because the tree at the top frames the photo on the right side making it balanced. There is a lot of lead room, and if this were a tic-tac- tow grid, the people would be in the lower third section. (Photo by Nathan Petty)


This photo has both shadows and highlights. The right side of the orange and apple are highlighted, while a shadow is cast on the other side. The wide end of the paper airplain is also very bright, getting more shadow towards the end of the paper airplane. The top of the stapler, as well as the right side of the glass are highlighted. Also the right hand corner of the photo is brighter than the bottom left hand side, It is very apparent in this photo where the light source is coming from because of the highlights.


For me, this photo does a lot of cool things with shapes. The hot air balloons themselves are a rounded teardrop shape. But the designs on them are squares, triangles, and rectangles. Also the bottom of the baskets are a triangle, and the bottom of the bolloons are circle. A lot of different shapes, yet the picture makes sense.

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