Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ground Figure:

I used this photo for ground figure because if you look at his hand near the bottom of the photo, the shaddow on the window sill blends in with his hand. Also because the paint is chipped off on parts of the wall, makes it dark so his hand blends in to the context of the wall. But I do love this photo.

Law of Proximity:

This photo is a great example. I think those dots are gum on the wall. They are close together so your eyes group them together automatically.
Law of Pragnanz:
This is funny to me, because I see a series of squares but i also see a lot of L's.

Law of Similarity.
Because all of the chairs are black they are grouped together. At the same time I also group all the black furniture together in my mind, but they are seperate pieces of furniture.


In this picture my eye automatically goes to the right side of the road because it is smooth. The left road is rough so it seems like the add-on to the road, not the original road.

Law of closure:

In this logo, you see IBM, not just weird lines. Your eyes fill in the blanks to make letters.

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