Monday, February 2, 2009

Good Ketchup (heinz)

I chose to use this magazine add for the good example of design. This is a Heinz ketchup add.
There are a couple different noises going on with this add. First, Physical noise. You look at the add and your mouth gets really dry because of the cardbaord food. Physchological noise happens because you become uneasy at the thought of eating cardboard youi can even imagine what it would be like to eat cardboard. Heinz is trying to say, that withough ketchup your food is bland and boring. To achieve this they made their add look bland and boring. All of the colors are nuetral and practically colorless. Except at the very bottom there is a red ketchup bottle that gives the add color. This works for what their objective is. This add is boring without the red ketchup bottle, and so is your food. I like this add because it is simple and gets the point across. There are not very many words, but there doesn't need to be. The onle words are on the ketchup bottle, and right above where is says WITHOUT. It is a small word but makes a bold statement because it is in all capital letters. The most significant contrast I can see is the color contrast like mentioned before. Everthing on the plate is nuetral and blends in, but the red bottle gives it color. The red bottle leads your eye to the bottom of the page, immediatley seeing the ketchup and recognizing that it is Heinz, because it is the only thing with color. This add appeals to all people becuase everyone eats. And most people do not like bland food. This design makes you feel like you need something more to spice it up. It wants the audience to think their food is boring with out ketchup, in return the psychomotor wants you to go out and buy Heinz ketchup to spice up your life, and food!

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