Monday, February 2, 2009

Bad Ketchup

I thought that this was a really poorly designed add for ketchup. If I had to pick between this ketchup and heinz Ketchup based purely on the adds, I would choose heinz. The physchological noise that is happening with me immediatly is eww gross. I think this add is meant to be "sexy" but all I can see in my mind is giant glops of read ketchup. I guess it is supposed to be a red bottle pooring out the ketchup, but the sharp contrast of red and black makes me uneasy. This isnt a pleasent add to look at. I dont know one person who drinks ketchup from the bottle, and thats all that I can imagine and it freaks me out. The phychological noise is taking over the whole add. It makes me feel gross, I learn that I dont like huge amounts of ketchup, and it makes me want to turn away from the add. There are very small words at the bottom that I can not read, but I dont need too. The picture is so overwhelming that you dont look at the slogan at the bottom. At least I don't. I would turn the page very quickly. It doesn't capture my interest.

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