Saturday, February 28, 2009

Web design

This is the link to the website that I decided to evaluate. At first glance I really liked this website because I was able to tell what kind of business it was, web design. I think that this particular web design follows a very strong grid, leading your eye from left to right of the web page. As you scroll down the web page, the different categories are broken up into balanced sections of the page. It is very organized and easy to read. There is a large graphic on the right side of the page, not necessarily at the vary bottom of the entire page. But when you first log onto the website, the image is at the bottom right of your screen before you start to scroll. It is very pleasing to the eye in my opinion. This web design is easy for your eye to navigate because there are lines throughout the page that lead where you are supposed to go. Another thing that I liked about this web site, was that it was easy to use. I didn't have to search the entire web page for hours looking for where I need to go next. They have the "tab" idea at the top right hand of the page that make it clear what other parts of the page you can visit. The colors they used are very soothing. There is a dark blue, with white writing. It makes it very easy to see. They also use soothing greens different shades of blue and some black. All together I thought this web design was very neat and it made it easy to navigate. I never once was confused or put off by the web site. Bravo Unit Interactive.

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